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対象 幼稚園児 小学生 中学生
曜日 月曜日から金曜日
時間 15:00~17:00
  • 年に数回、学校内発表会が開かれます。
  • 希望者のみ英検対応いたします。(小学1年生…5級合格。小学2年生…4級合格。小学3年生…3級合格。小学4年生…準2級合格。)
  • 振り替えを取っていただけます。

Two hour period activity of the after school class

15 mins Greetings, Question and Answers
Exchanging greetings by asking the question “How are you today?
Students answer  “I am fine” “I am OK”  “I am tired” etc.
Q and A                 
Simple questions that can be answered by yes/no and short sentences
How’s school today?
What did you do in your school today?
How was your weekend?
What did you do last weekend?
Are you having fun in your Japanese school?
When is your birthday?
Where is your school?
30 mins Regular lesson
Knowing how to write the letters by tracing them, some coloring and
cutting stuff.
Workbook – here they can learn :
1. How to Read and pronounce the letters well.
2. Learn sound differentiation.
a.  beginning sounds
b.  ending sounds
c.  phonics
3.  Basic practice on how to make short and long sentences.
4.  Reading comprehension
a.  reading short and long stories.
b.  answering questions about the stories.
c.  writing sentences by themselves.
15 mins Music activity
1.  Learning few songs, repeating the lyrics until they can remember the
song and the right pronounciation.
2.   Do some action songs like Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Row, row your boat, Eency weency spider, If you’re happy song etc.
3.   Or just plain listening and enjoy the sound.
10 mins Snack time and just chat freely.
15 mins Play time/free time/ dawing time, whatever stuff they kids like to do.
Here we learn short phrases:
Can you please hand me that?
Here you are/thank you
I want this.
I like this.
Pack away or clean up
and some questions like:
What color is this?   What shape is this?  Do you like this? etc.
30 mins Flash cards, remembering and saying the words aloud.  Sometimes
through games.
Reading time, using easy to read books a little Q and A.
Repeat after teacher.  As teacher reads the book students try to repeat the                       
sentences and try to understand it.
5 mins Pack away time for the books and cards.
Pick up their stickers for the attendance sheets.
Sing the goodbye song.